About Tora

Tora is the leading Private Data Bureau.

Why we are here ?


In the new era of technology transformation nowadays it penetrated into financial technology and other sectors, with technology evolve every day, it certainly helps the economic level in a country, but with the evolution of technology itself the risk are became higher faced by market participants. With the risk became higher, market participants are losing their confidence and/or afraid doing business in the market From there, we are aware of the importance of market participants to verify and/or validate their data before begin doing business. Therefore, we provide services for market participants verify and/or validate their individual and/or corporate data from Residence, Finance, Credit Score and many others variety


Based in Indonesia, Tora launched the first ever the most security and advanced eKYC in 2018, and continues to create innovative security and advanced services on top of emerging industry standards evolved to Private Data Bureau. The company operates a security-as-a-service platform that powers the industry’s most secure, enterprise Private Data Bureau with solutions for corporate treasury and key management.


Tora was founded by veterans in online security, digital currency, and financial technology. Investors and advisors include elite worldwide venture capitalists and angels. We’re made of the most fun and passionate folks we know who have joined forces from some of the most respected companies and organizations in the world

how tora work

Introduction to the most robust API platform

In the new era of disruption of technology you might be having an issues with connecting into many kind of data sources provider just for having the data alongside the infrastructures that you supposed to be able to up and running within the uptime more than 90% average. It would be took a longer time for you to build some kind of that manifest. With Tora our platform only having single API Platform where about you will be able connect through many kind data sources, rest assure with our infrastructures and security. Our infrastructures security are similar what bank used and more robust with encryption keys such as DEK, CEK, KEK, PKI, hardware modules and many others we implement

Below are the simple manner to understand our infrastructures and how we taken care the dataset

API Documentation